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It is a sure sign that after knowing me for 46 years (6years of going together plus 40 years of marriage) that my husband LOVES me enough to still do crazy things for me . . . and I am pretty sure that he knows that when there is a camera in my hand I will take millions of shots and scrapbook a lot of the pictures . . . he is however finally figuring out that I am sharing the pages that I have completed with the world and they are not all pictures of our granddaughter . . . so that being said, before we left for the Alaska Cruise I had signed up to take a class at PSB (layout unseen – however the layout was going to be designed by PSB owner Karen and I knew that I would love it) . . . and when I saw the “Charming” layout it just screamed for pictures of my husband that I had taken on the cruise . . . so here is the love of my life . . . “MY PRINCE CHARMING” . . .

Ya gotta love him . . . I know I sure do!!!!! . . . here is a close of the love of my life . . .


Well . . . hubby decided to take me shopping this weekend . . . and here is what he bought me . . . A NEW CAR!!!!

It’s a 2009 Toyota Venza . . . I had quite an education this weekend on different vehicle types: mini vans, SUV, cross overs, regular cars, and the new “green” cars . . . after going to car dealerships in 2 counties I felt like one of the “3 Bears” . . . you know – this one is to high-this one is to small- this one is to hard-this one is to black-this one is to white-etc.-etc.-etc. . . . and yes you guessed it – I ended up at the very first dealership purchasing the first car I test drove . . . anyway the Venza is a rather strange looking car . . . it is what they call a crossover-its suppose to be the combo of an SUV and a sedan (I call it a squished station wagon) . . . the one I ended up with has a lot of bells & whistles to keep my hubby busy while I am driving . . . I LOVE MY NEW CAR . . . so look out world cause Linda’s goin to be on the road a lot now (hehehe)!!!!!!


For those of you who have been wondering where the heck I have been lately (as it is soooooooo long since my last blog) . . . well hubby and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary by going on a cruise of the “Inside Passage” of Alaska . . .

We had a WONDERFUL time and I will be sharing (or boring you) with more pictures and tales of adventure later on . . . right now I have to get going to work (have to pay for all my baaaaad habits – like scrapbooking & crusin) . . . so till later . . . LindaB