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It is a sure sign that after knowing me for 46 years (6years of going together plus 40 years of marriage) that my husband LOVES me enough to still do crazy things for me . . . and I am pretty sure that he knows that when there is a camera in my hand I will take millions of shots and scrapbook a lot of the pictures . . . he is however finally figuring out that I am sharing the pages that I have completed with the world and they are not all pictures of our granddaughter . . . so that being said, before we left for the Alaska Cruise I had signed up to take a class at PSB (layout unseen – however the layout was going to be designed by PSB owner Karen and I knew that I would love it) . . . and when I saw the “Charming” layout it just screamed for pictures of my husband that I had taken on the cruise . . . so here is the love of my life . . . “MY PRINCE CHARMING” . . .

Ya gotta love him . . . I know I sure do!!!!! . . . here is a close of the love of my life . . .


  1. Karen says:

    I LOVE the pictures, looks like you two had a blast! Oh, and the layout is alright. 🙂

  2. Seriously sweet Linda! I love how the layout turned out. Your husband is adorable (and so are you).

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