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A little over two & a half months ago my husband & I were approached and asked to join this year’s community chorus and sing in the 4th of July concert. Well we said YES, of course. The Oroville Community Chorus was formed 20 years ago and hubby & I have sung in all but the last 6 years (life kind of got in the way for a while). It’s been fun connecting with people we have not seen in some time and making new friends. I had forgotten how much practicing I need to do and how long the actual stage rehearsals are, but in the end it is always well worth it. This will be the first performance that our granddaughter will see us sing in! Hmmmmmmmmmm . . . I wonder if I can get my hands on a group photo of everyone from 20 years ago 🙂 Thanks for stopping by . . . till later . . . Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB


It is amazing that I can still make new discoveries of this town that I have called home for the past 24 years. Yesterday while driving on Highway 162 in search of sunflower fields (photos in a future post) I came upon this scene. Of course I had to stop and take pictures . . . These men & women are students of Northwest Lineman College and are attending hands on training to become certified power & construction linemen. I have learned that there are only 3 such schools in the Western United States and they are located in Idaho, Texas and here in Oroville, CA (next to the Oroville Airport). Once these men & women are certified they can work for any power and/or construction companies world wide (these companies usually sponsor the students). It is so wonderful to find new discoveries when you least expect to . . . Well that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by . . . till later . . . Hugs & Kisses LindaB


A few weeks ago the most talented Rachiel, of Paradise Scrapbook Boutique (my fave scrapbook store) was offering a class using Bo Bunny Weekend Market paper and tons of Tim Hotlz and a few other goodies. Well once I saw the sample little book I just knew that I had to make this book for my husband! So here are the pictures of the book I made for my hubby and gave to him on Father’s Day . . . I can’t believe I finished it in time and had placed pictures in it to boot!!! My husband loved his Father’s Day gift. Well that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by . . . Hugs & Kisses Linda B


This past week my hubby and I attended two (2) FREE live concerts here in our little town of Oroville, CA. The first performance was on Tuesday evening and was performed the US Air Force: What an energetic performance. The group consists of 35 to 40 vocalists, musicians, dancers, and technicians who are all USAF Airmen. They performed on Oroville’s State Theatre little stage (I say little because I have performed on this stage) to a standing room only audience (theater only holds about 610 people). While standing in line to see the USAF performance a man was handing out FREE tickets to see the following performance on Friday evening . . . LARRY STATLER & THE STATLER BROS. . . Now my husband and I are not crazy fans of country music (it’s a “take it or leave it” kind of thing with us), however, Friday night’s performance was very entertaining. The Statlers not only sang, but they also interacted with the audience. It was a hoot!!! If you ever have the opportunity to see either of these performances I highly RECOMMEND that you do so. You’ll have a wonderful time!!! Well that all for now, thanks for stopping by . . . until later. . . Hugs & Kisses LindaB


A few weeks ago I was watching one of Kathy’s Paper Phenomenon live Ustream classes and noticed on her work space a very curious looking box. Needless to say I was not the only PITA BABE who was curious and finally one of the BABES asked what it was. Well, Kathy had made little holders to place her “Stickles” in, point down! HOW CLEVER!!!! So of course I had to make one. I decided to use an ArtBin box with a handle – the one that holds 12×12 paper. Here is what I did (with dear hubby’s help of course) . . . First I went to the local Home Depot to purchase PVC pipe . . . then at home dear hubby set up his band saw (it’s really mine-he bought it for one of my birthdays-I bought him a microwave when it was his birthday = fair trade) anyhoooooo away I went cutting & making a mess . . . I next sanded any rough edges and wiped the dust off and finally I hot glued them all together . . . I then placed the glued tubes on a sheet of foam (that I had cut to the inside size of the box) and here is the finished project . . . There are a total of 92 holes!!! Needless to say it looks like I am going to have to go shopping for more Alcohol Ink, Liquid Pearls & Stickles to fill up the empty holes (HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY) . . . Well, that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by to visit . . . until next time Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB PS . . . bigger does not mean better, it just means heavier!!!


During the past year I have been very inspired by the extremely talented Karin of the blog “Creative Chaos.” Among the many items she creates she has made these pretty, pretty little “cake boxes.” Well I got sooooooo inspired that I decided to try my hand at creating some of these boxes also and giving them as gifts to friends celebrating their birthday. Here are a few examples of the cake boxes which I created (one of these days I will remember to take pictures of things I make before I give them away) . . . I made the following Winter cake box as a decoration in my home and of course that cake box decided to have “babies” which were given to a few of my scrappy friends . . . As you can see some of the boxes were decorated with flowers I purchased and some of the flowers were made by me. And there is glitter, glitter, glitter everywhere (and I don’t mean just on the boxes). Well, that’s all for today . . . I hope that you will check out Karin’s blog . . . thanks for stopping by for a visit . . . Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB


I have great admiration for people who have a blog and post on it regularly. I have all these great plans to keep my blog “up-to-date” but then I don’t make the time to follow through. Don’t know why it just seems to be the way it was. Notice that I said “WAS,” because I am going to make time to do at least weekly postings to this blog, whether anyone reads them or not. Soooooooo this is my first post to my crafting journal . . .