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This past week my hubby and I attended two (2) FREE live concerts here in our little town of Oroville, CA. The first performance was on Tuesday evening and was performed the US Air Force: What an energetic performance. The group consists of 35 to 40 vocalists, musicians, dancers, and technicians who are all USAF Airmen. They performed on Oroville’s State Theatre little stage (I say little because I have performed on this stage) to a standing room only audience (theater only holds about 610 people). While standing in line to see the USAF performance a man was handing out FREE tickets to see the following performance on Friday evening . . . LARRY STATLER & THE STATLER BROS. . . Now my husband and I are not crazy fans of country music (it’s a “take it or leave it” kind of thing with us), however, Friday night’s performance was very entertaining. The Statlers not only sang, but they also interacted with the audience. It was a hoot!!! If you ever have the opportunity to see either of these performances I highly RECOMMEND that you do so. You’ll have a wonderful time!!! Well that all for now, thanks for stopping by . . . until later. . . Hugs & Kisses LindaB

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