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Sunday Movie Matinee

The weekend weather forecast for this area for Friday, Saturday & Sunday was hot, Hot, HOTTER . . . soooooo . . . hubby and I decided that Sunday afternoon we would go to a nice air conditioned place like the movies (we only have a swamp cooler at home) . . . after much discussion (okay begging and pleading on my part) we went to see “STAR TREK” . . . LOVED IT-LOVED IT-LOVED IT!!!!! I am a Trek fan since it began appearing on TV back in 1966 and this movie was fantastic . . . the story line was great . . . the action scenes were thrilling . . . and it had the humor that use to appear on TV show . . . I wanted to hoot & cheer out loud during this movie . . . soooooooo . . . if you are looking for a movie – pick STAR TREK . . . you’ll like it!!!!!! BTW . . . do go to the bathroom before the movie starts . . . its over 2 hours long (even though it didn’t seem that long) . . . oh and one more thing – hubby liked it also . . . that’s all for now – have to finish getting everything together for work tomorrow . . . . sooooooooo . . . until next time – LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!


  1. deb.ikert says:

    Na-nu, na-nu! Oh wait…wrong show! (j/k!)

  2. Alex says:

    Star Trek???!!!! Okay, I admit, I had a crush on William Shatner when he as a young stud, lol!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  3. Christie says:

    So fun! I saw it too and I LOVED it!

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