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While “blog surfing” one day I came upon this virtual cat from Widget . . . sooooooooooooo . . . say “hi” to my new kitty . . . Maukie (he’s there on the right hand side where the clock use to be) . . . Maukie is very easy to take care of . . . you don’t have to feed him or anything . . . okay you have to put up with the ad (to get rid of the ad all you have to do is click on the ad “x” square and the ad disappears . . . you can now play with Maukie) . . . his head and eyes follow your mouse around his body and at certain places he swats your mouse . . . he meows when you touch certain areas of his body and Maukie evens purrs when you touch his tummy . . . isn’t he cute!

I would love to adopt a new real kitty to keep our current cat company while everyone is gone all day . . . . but my granddaughter is very allergic to cats and dogs (she inherited this from her dad – we are hoping that as she gets older her algery will improve) . . . we have one outdoor cat who adopted us (Cato) . . . and Krya loves him dearly but she knows that she can not give him kisses & hugs . . . so we have adopted Maukie for now . . .

That’s all for now . . . will shortly be posting pictures of some of the projects I completed . . . until then . . . thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to play with Maukie . . .

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  1. You're kitty is cute! I totally made him purr. So fun!

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