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WOW . . . I cannot believe that we are already in the month of December . . . it seems that the older I get the faster time goes by and the slower I move . . . I mean I do not have one, not one, Christmas decoration out yet . . . usually by this date I have started decorating the house, I have baked at least two different types of cookies, the tree is up and we are beginning to trim it (this takes a whole month), and I am beginning to wrap presents (you know all those special gifts that you purchased/made during the past year and that are hidden throughout the house). . . welllllllll I have done NOTHING, NADA! . . . I am going to have to have my dear hubby start bringing in the decoration boxes tonight as I have a little girl (my precious granddaughter) wanting to help me decorate (this has become a yearly tradition with her & I). . . I should have taken this week off from work!!!!! Oh . . . and throw into the mix that I am hosting a sit down potluck dinner party for 16 people in my tiny tiny tiny home (945 sq. ft)Sunday, December 12th!!!!!!!!

Well I had better get started and in the meantime you should check out a couple of blogs for inspiration . . . these talented ladies are Christie Bryant (she is on the Graphic 45 design team) and Irene Tan (she is on the Tim Holtz design team) . . .

Soooooo HI HO – HI HO it’s off the decorating I go!!!!!! . . . thanks for stopping by . . .

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