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I’M BACK!!!!!!

OH MY!!! It has almost been one year since I last posted on my blog and what a year it has been! A lot of good things have happened this year (daughter is engaged I have been in cancer remission for 1 year). . . a not so good thing (lost my job on August 30th) and a whole lot of everyday living! I have a lot I want to share – but for now I have to become familiar with this new version of blogspot and how to change backgrounds, etc. sooooooo please bear with me. Have to go for now – need to run a couple of errands for dear hubby and find the pictures of last years christmas decorations so I have a hint of how I will decorate our home this year (funny thing – the decorations do not always appear in the same place from year to year) . . . I will post pictures of the this as I go along . . . sooooooooo TTFN . . .

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  1. Charlene says:

    Congrats on your cancer remission that is some happy news:-) sorry about the job but I will pray for you go find a new one 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog I love someone locally finding me !!! And I will be back I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas 🙂

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