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Saturday I attended an evening crop at my all-time favorite scrapbook store, Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, in Chico where I finally finished a cute little mini book (this is where the “not rushing” title comes in). Now quite a few of the supplies to make this little mini book were provided to attendees of the National Scrapbooking Day crop held on May 4th & 5th of this year. As I have been trying to be a good scrapper I have been trying to complete one project before I start another (ok, stop laughing). . . sooooooooo during that 2 day event – in between all the talking & eating I was working on another project (Contessa album by Paper Phenomenon) which was going to be a gift for a special girl in my son’s life. Welllllll . . . as things happen I began working on a couple of projects at the same (LOL – so maybe it’s really 4 or 5 projects) – sooooooooo without further ado here is the completed mini book:

Now as most of you know I am NOT an original thinker but I am an EXCELLENT copier and it is lucky for me that the owner of PSB, Karen, made an example for inspiration and I ((plus a few other people) copied her mini book. Isn’t it stunning. The paper line we were given is from Cosmo Cricket. I absolutely love the shabby chic look of it. I just may be keeping this album for myself! That’s all for now . . . I will be posting in a couple of days the pictures of the other project I completed this weekend (it was a very productive weekend-LOL) . . . take care and thanks for stopping by . . . till later . . . Hugs & Kisses LindaB

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  1. It's GORGEOUS! Worth the time it took to complete it. Miss you lady!!!

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