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I would like to introduce you to someone who has been a member of our family for at least 10 years . . . DOS GATO . . .

Dos Gato passed away Friday night. We do not know where he came from originally, he followed in his grandfather (Louie) and father’s (the original Gato) footsteps by showing up one day in our yard and adopting our family when he was a young cat. He was the spitting image of his grandfather & father. Dos Gato was a very affectionate cat who loved people and loved to be pampered. He and my husband had a very special bond, as hubby was the first one who befriended him. Dos Gato was always there to greet my husband when he came home from work. I will miss his coming in the house & proudly dropping his latest catch at my feet so that he could receive his due praise-only problem was most of the time the critters were alive. I swear he had a smile on his face as he watch me trying to catch those critters and get them outside. He was such a charater!!! He will always have a special place in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU!!!


  1. What a sweet layout for such a sweet cat. So sorry for your loss…it's always so hard to lose a beloved pet.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I know that you will miss him! He was lucky to have shown up at your home!

  3. Thanks Christie & Konnie . . . he was a very special boy!

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