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See, the ugly DSL Filter box on the wall . . .

See the simple cover up . . .

Ok so it wasn’t quite so simple . . . back in 2010 I made a cute halloween “Bingo Card Wall Hanging” following the directions of Lisa Pace. Love the wall hanging but could never find the right spot in the home for it . . . then the other night I had one of those “wake me up at 3 am ideas”. . . I knew exactly how I was going to cover up the ugly DSL filter box and what I was going to use . . . soooooooo the next day I went out & purchased a framed naked stretch canvas (made sure the hole in the back was wide & deep enough to cover the filter box) . . . painted it with black acrylic paint and using scrap paper mounted the halloween wall hanging to the canvas . . . I love it when things I make are not only practical but cute to boot!!! . . . Well that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by . . . till later Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB


  1. Sharon Y says:

    Linda I found you! We met Saturday at the Carta Bella classes. I'm now following your blog. Hope to see again at PSB soon. Btw I'm Sharon Y at Jimbugs blog.

  2. Hi Sharon . . . it was fun time at Saturday's workshop I am glad you found me . . . I have been looking for you but I am a little "blogger challenged" . . . I could not find your site . . . you can email me at: yayaladybug@yahoo.com . . . hope to hear from you soon

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