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Well, we have finally had a rainy Saturday here in northern California. I don’t mean one of those rains with just a few sprinkles here and there, you know the kind of rain that leaves just enough drops on your car to let you know that it’s dirty and needs a good wash and wax (LOL). . . no, this was the kind of rain that made you turn your windshield wipers on high and drive cautiously on the highway . . . Now, I know you are wondering what could be happening to make me go out in this down pour instead of making a big pot of soup, curling up with a hot cup of tea and watching trashy Saturday movies on television while hubby was doing his thing in the garage . . . well I will tell you . . . it was the Paradise Scrapbook Boutique Annual Gift Workshop . . . I made a number of purchases (thank you again hubby for the great birthday gift certificate)and spent this windy, wet day among friends, old & new . . . at the end of 6 hours (LOL-I am finding it hard to multi-task anymore – love to eat & visit while I work) I had completed a beautiful kit created by PSB owner, Karen . . . it is a Shadow Box Monthly Calendar . . .

This shadow box was made using the 7 Gypsies Artist Printers Tray and Graphic45 Place in Time paper collection. I did make only 1 change to the Karen’s original design so far, I moved the printers tray handle from the tray top to the tray side . . . I have only one other change in mind and that is to have my dear hubby make a glass frame door . . . I can’t wait to start the other projects, but they will have to be set aside until after Thanksgiving as I have a house to clean and lots and lots of cooking to do . . . soooooooo thanks for stopping by and until next time . . . Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB

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  1. Sharon Y says:

    This turned out great! Sad that I wasn't able to join you for fun and visiting. See you soon. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

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