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Hi Everyone . . . I can’t believe that it is already December and that Christmas is just around the corner. Where, oh where does all the time go? It seems the older I get the faster time moves, LOL! Anyhoooooo, I thought that I would try to post on this blog everyday this month with what is going on in and around my life to make each day special . . . well I hate to admit it but I am already 2 days behind (LOL – story of my life) . . . Sooooooo here are a couple of pictures about events that happened on December 1 . . .

Hung the “Welcoming Christmas Wreath” on the front door. And yes my front door is green (the side facing the street, the side facing the inside is red) . . . my husband brought into the house all the boxes (13 big plastic bins) from the shed and the first thing that always goes up is the wreath on the door! I didn’t have time to start decorating the inside of my home because I had to get ready for and attend the wedding of Rachiel and Brandon . . .

It was a wonderful wedding and Rachiel was a beautiful bride (Brandon looked pretty handsome also) . . . Well that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by and until next time . . . Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB

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  1. Sharon Y says:

    Love the wreath! Santa looks so happy to be on your door.

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