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Today has been a very special day because . . . my hubby and I went to visit a very dear and special friend in our lives at Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Carmichael (between Roseville & Sacramento). Steven was at his doctor’s last week for a follow-up appointment regarding his back surgery (he had the first of three of these operations on his back three weeks ago at UCSF)when during a routine stress test he began to have a heart attack . . . well he ended up having a triple by-pass on Friday!!!! He is out of ICU and expects to be going home on Monday. I marvel at what modern medicine can do now and can’t wait to see what the future of medicine will be like . . . We are sooooooooo happy and feel very blessed that Steven will continue to be a part of our lives . . . Here is a picture of Steven with his new toy (oh by the way-Steven is a Catholic Priest) . . .

I volunteered to drive us home (hehehe-you know I had plans) and after I took hubby to a nice restaurant in Roseville for a late lunch, we then proceeded to the Michael’s Superstore and the JoAnn’s Superstore in Roseville. . . I don’t know if it was because I still had to drive us home in the rain or because hubby was waiting in the car for me but I ended up only spending $2.00 on one little item. This is unheard of for me – I usually end up spending more than I planned or need (LOL) . . . Well, that’s all for today . . . thanks for stopping by and until later . . . Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB

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  1. Christie says:

    So glad he is doing well! What a miracle!

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