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Greetings Everyone . . . I have had the most amazing past week and I am still running on “high” soooooo I thought that I would take y’all on my adventure . . . it all began back in early April when I learned that Jim Hankins, The Gentleman Crafter , and Cesar were coming from Texas to teach a class on National Scrapbook Day at “Chico Scrapbook” store (they arrived on Thursday and left on Sunday) . . . I was soooooo excited, I felt like a kid again. You know, Christmas is getting nearer and Santa was going to pay me a visit; that kind of feeling . . . well, I was not the only one with those feelings, my friend Sharon Young was also extremely excited. Sharon and I wanted to give Jim and Cesar something special to remember each of us by and to thank them for coming to Chico.

After brainstorming, Sharon decided to create for each of them a special plaque . . .

In my search on the internet for a particular line of scrapbooking paper that Jim loves I ran across fabric that was made by this paper company . . . I was in heaven and ordered enough fabric to create something for Jim and Cesar . . . the paper line that Jim loves is Cosom Cricket’s Circa 1934 and I hate to tell you but both the paper and fabric lines are out of print soooooo the pickings are slim . . . but I was able to purchase fabric from a Tennessee quilt shop and from Beverly’s in Rocklin, CA.
And this is what I made from those beautiful fabrics . . . 
Apron for Jim
Needle Cases for Cesar
(he loves to knit & crochet)
Here they are modeling their gifts from me . . . 

I also purchased a ruler basket and Sharon and I had fun filling it with local goodies; . . . a couple of hats from Sierra Nevada . . . rice chips, nuts, fruits and candies for them to snack on in their hotel room . . .

After Jim and Cesar had a short nap, Sharon and I picked them up at their hotel, took them to Chico Scrapbook to pick up Jodie and off to dinner we went in beautiful downtown Chico at Christen Michaels!

Well that’s all for now . . . I will post more about this fabulous weekend tomorrow . . . thanks for stopping by to visit and until later . . . Hugs & Kisses – LindaB


  1. Sharon Y says:

    Oh, yes it felt just like Christmas and Santa were about to arrive! So, so excited. Thank You Linda! It was such a fun thing to experience together. Great pics.

  2. Christie says:

    It was so fun to see you (however briefly). Thanks for bringing along your pals! It was so fun to meet them!And I'm SO sorry for getting paint on your shirt. OOPS!!!LOVE YOU!!

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