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Good Afternoon Everyone . . . today I want to show you a little something that I made last week that I will hopefully be able to keep for myself.  It all started with these supplies that I found when moving to my craft room (some of you may even have seen this picture posted on my FaceBook page) . . . Image

and ended up as this:


A couple of years ago I was surfing the web and came across a blog called Creative Chaos. Some of you may all ready know about and have visited this site created by Karin. I fell in love with how she decorated a paper cone and have been making them ever since as containers to hold birthday/holiday gifts. They are a perfect size. You can stuff a knitted scarf or hat in it, fill it with homemade candy or cookies, have a bouquet of paper hearts, or shamrocks or bunnies on sticks standing tall in it or even fresh flowers (put rock on the bottom and a small empty glass jar to hold the water on top of the rocks). The possibilities are endless.

In trying to keep one of my New Year resolutions (for every new project I completed I must complete an old project that somehow was put aside and forgotten.) I completed this sign for my new craft room . . .


This was a kit that I purchased 2 years ago (at least, could be longer) from Paradise Scrapbook Boutique in Chico. I was super easy and looks perfect on my craft room wall. It feels great to be completing some of my older projects!

Anyhoooooooo . . . thanks for stopping by and I hope you take the opportunity to check out Karin and Paradise Scrapbook Boutique‘s sites. Until next time (can’t wait to show you what I have been working on) . . . Hugs & Kisses – YaYaLadybug

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  1. karin says:

    You’re so sweet! Thank you! Karin

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