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2016 — Where Did You Go?

It seemed when I was young, time just crawled by and I never thought the year would end. Now, that I am older (yes, Medicare age) the minutes, hours, days and months go flying by. I always catch myself wishing that a moment in time could last just a little longer.

There have been so many memories of the past year to treasure. Some good. Some not so good. There were many birthdays to celebrate and unfortunately the passing of some friends; hospital stays and surgeries; places, family and friends that were visited; reconnecting with high school friends (it was our 50th high school reunion this year); new adventures on the annual grandmother/granddaughter summer vacation; taking new art/craft classes and of course, spending time with my beloved husband (married 47 years and going strong).

However, my most treasured memory of this year is a gift that my husband and I received from our son and our future daughter-in-law (hint, hint).

The kids know how much we enjoy hockey and that the NHL San Jose Sharks are the team we root for. They were not only able to obtain tickets for us to see some of the regular season games and a Playoff Game, but they obtained tickets for us to see Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals at The Tank in San Jose.



As I said, so many memories to treasure! I know that this coming year, 2017, will also create many memories and I am looking forward to all of them.

So, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year.


Thanks for stopping by and until next time … hugs and kisses … LindaB

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