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There’s Always One or Two

So, here it is after the Christmas holidays and 2-1/2 weeks into the new year. The hubs and I finally are on the upside of that nasty cold we caught in the middle of December (or more like gave to each other…hehehe).  And, of course, it is long past time to put away the Christmas decorations.

So, here I am enjoying the winter decorations I put out for January when I walk into a room and they jump out at me … that one Christmas decoration that got missed and it still hanging around in plain view and it’s not just one decoration, but two in the same room …

IMG_0273How is that possible??? … It’s not like we don’t use that room … we are in that bathroom quite a bit … so how is it that I (and hubby) overlooked these two decorations … that is the age old question and I’m blaming it on the cold meds this year … hahaha

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week… Linda

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