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OH MY GOODNESS . . . where in the world did the time go . . . I can’t believe that on September 1st I started this blog and have not added anything to it since . . . a lot of life has happened in the last six months . . . some good . . . some not so good . . . OOPS . . . I just started a moment ago to list all the events that had happened during the past six months and realized that they were depressing . . . this is not why I started this blog so I deleted them . . . I know that some of the events will creep into this blog every now and then . . .

Anyhoooooo . . . I will shortly be sharing some of the pages that I have scrapbooked (along with some of my thoughts) and some of the crazyness of my family and friends who make my life most enjoyable . . . so please bear with me . . . right now I am trying to learn how to add pictures, links, etc and I will hopefully start blogging at least once a week (hey maybe that’s what I should have pledged for Lent instead of giving up sex) . . . till later . . .


  1. Cheryl M says:

    You are too funny!

  2. Christie says:

    Giving up sex! Ahhh! I’m glad you’re blogging! And you figured out the whole photo thing and the linky thing. You’re awesome!

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