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The Rose Teacup Fairy

Well it looks like I am blogging again before the week is even over but I just couldn’t wait to share with you a picture of the exquisite Rose Teacup Fairy that my friend Cheryl made.

Cheryl not only creates beautiful scrapbook pages, she also does wonderful mixed art medium. This photo just cannot do it justice . . . so I am going to give you a brief description of Cheryl’s creation. Cheryl used a Royal Albert Bone China teacup upon which she floated a ceramic doll bust on a bed of moss and surrounded everything with little white blossoms and white roses that she sprayed with a glitter of yellow then orange mist. Embossed paper glitter wings are attached to the bust. And for that extra special touch that Cheryl is known for, she added a gorgeous little golden yellow rhinestone broach (which she said was originally an antique earring) to her fairy creation.

Cheryl was willing to give me this lovely work of art in exchange for my making her a few piddly crochet flowers . . . all I know is that I am the one who got the better end of this exchange . . . until next time . . .

P.S. . . . BTW my 3 year old granddaughter Kyra is the one who named it the Rose Teacup Fairy . . .


  1. Alex says:

    Yippee!!! Here you are in blogland, that is fabulous!! I think you both got a GREAT deal, Cheryl’s teacup is just beautiful and your flowers are amazing…I was just telling someone about how make them yourself!! Since I cannot sew a stitch of any kind, I am VERY impressed – lol!!! Thanks for stopping by, I have you saved now and will visit often! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. Christie says:

    I love this teacup that Cheryl made and in NO WAY are your flowers piddly. You do amazing work. It’s a fair trade.

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