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I wanted to shared with you the pages I did about my granddaughter’s first haircut (click on the pics for a better look) . My duaughter took Kyra to a salon in Chico that specializes in cutting children’s hair and what an amazing place! Kyra is sitting on the small people’s side in a BRIGHT (and I mean bright) pink Barbie jeep, driving along while watching Dora the Explorer on a TV in front of her. The other side of the room is set up for the pre-teens with videos, etc. that interest them. Boy I sure could have used one of these places for my son’s & daughter’s first hair cut. The other thing I find so amazing is that this little person has so much hair at the age of 3. And it’s naturally curly to boot (like her granddad’s & mother’s)!!!

I’m not use to working with such a bright color and was originally thinking of using just black & white photos, but everything was really centered around that Barbie jeep color. I used the dark side of the SEI paper called “Love Birds.” I had a really hard time using this paper because I love the other side of it . . . but you use what works and this side was perfect for this layout. The only other papers I used were colored card stock and flower vellum. The little pink flowers actually came from her hair and I chalked them brown and used a gold gel glitter pen around the edges for a little sparkle. My favorite piece is the little circle frame on the big bright pink flowers that holds a lock of her beautiful hair. At the salon each child was given a certificate when their haircut was completed and I took the certificate to the copy center and made it smaller.

As you know when taking pictures of children you are able somes to capture those unexpected moments. Well, here is the one my daughter was able to get of Kyra and I see in Kyra’s future this being enlarged and use somehow.

YES, she is picking a good one. That’s all for now . . . have a great day!!!


  1. Alex says:

    Gorgeous pages Linda, love the colors you chose and the pics are precious! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. Christie says:

    Linda, this layout is amazing! You are such a special grandma!

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