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This past weekend hubby and I were able to get away from home and spend it in Lake Tahoe/Reno, Nevada with friends. Greg is active in the Knights of Columbus here in Oroville and last weekend our KofC’s bowling leagues were involved in a bowling tournament in Reno – soooooooo . . . when our friends Jim & Ilene invited us to stay at their condo timeshare in Lake Tahoe we said YES! . . . (okay, I actually did a little dance of joy) . . . before I go any further though I think I should let you know that neither Greg or I bowl . . . well, actually we did a long long long time ago and we took the kids bowling for family fun but neither one of us were ever in a bowling league. On this trip Greg was our teams cheering squad/backup player in case someone was unable to participate (hey 2 of the guys are in their 80’s) and me, well I got to go shopping with the girls(YEA!!!!).

Anyhoooooo . . . we had a nice relaxing drive up to Lake Tahoe late Friday afternoon – stayed in for dinner and played Mexican Train domino’s with our friends and called it an early night (I know, I know – we are such party people don’t ya know) . . . well this is what greeted us the next morning . . .

can you believe it . . . IT SNOWED . . . this was not something that we were expecting . . . here is a picture of hubby and I in front of our snow covered car (there’s even ice hanging off the front bumper) . . .

anyhooooo . . . we got an early start to Reno (the guys tournament began at 9 am) . . . dropped the men off and we girls went immediately to a casino (hey the stores weren’t open yet so what else are you going to do) . . . we were able to hit a couple of outlets . . . have a relaxing lunch . . . and even go to a couple of scrapbook stores (my friends don’t scrapbook and they spent more money at these stores than I did) . . . we girls did all this before we had to be back at the bowling alley by 3 pm. When we got there the men were still doing their thing . . . so we cheered them on . . . when the tournament was over and the trophies were collected (our guys took first & second place, YAHOO!!!!) . . . we all did dinner . . . did some gambling . . . and headed back to Lake Tahoe for another quit night . . . BTW . . . when we got back to Lake Tahoe everything was dry . . . it didn’t look like it had snowed at all the night before . . .

Greg and I left Sunday afternoon . . . drove all around the lake (it’s been about 15 years since we were last there and boy have things changed . . . so may more casinos and homes . . . we were very surprised at this) . . . it was a fun weekend and way too short!!!

Oh and one more thing . . . I can’t believe I did this but I forgot my camera . . . so our friends were nice enough to share their camera with us . . . that’s all for now . . . until next time have a good day . . .


  1. Alex says:

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! I love that picture, you guys are such a cute couple and you look so happy!!Hope to see you this weekend!*STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. Christie says:

    Wow Linda! Sounds like you had a super-fun getaway! I have to admit, I’m a little envious.I can’t wait to spend some time with you this weekend at the NSD crop! Yipee!

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