Ya Ya Ladybug

For quite a few months I had been looking for something to inspire a layout I wanted to do regarding my hubby’s grandparents . . . well a few months back (okay quite a few months) I saw the cover of the Autumn/Winter 2008 Close to my Heart catalog and I knew that this is what I was looking for . . . soooooo . . . I ordered the paper called “Perfect Day” (along with the sticker sheets) and literally scraplifted the layout from the cover that I had so admired.

This layout inspired me to try sewing on paper for the first time using my sewing machine (I had previously done all needlework on layouts by hand) . . . it also inspired me to use crocheted flowers instead of the stickers I had purchase . . . however, I couldn’t find the color or sizes of flowers that I wanted . . . sooooooo . . . one night I decided to look through all my craft stash (it really pays to never throw things away) to see if I had any books on crocheting flowers . . . and lo and behold I did (hubby was not surprised) . . . at first I just made single flowers but then I ran across a pattern for making a three layer flower and another pattern for crocheting leaves . . .

Well . . . some of the ladies at PSB admired my flowers a lot and wanted to learn how to make them . . . soooooooooo . . . thanks to PSB owner, Karen, this coming Saturday (May 9th) I will be teaching a class (another first) on crocheting flowers and leaves . . . . here is a close up of the crocheted flowers and leaves that appear on my vintage page and that I will be teaching the ladies . . .

Oh . . . one other thing about this page . . . I used long strips of “Recollections” pearls to do the swirly things . . . I would love to know where I can order “pearl swirls” from . . . Well that’s it for now . . . have to get things organized for tomorrow’s class . . . till later . . .


  1. Christie says:

    Beautiful! You did an amazing job on this layout. Your flowers add the perfect handmade touch!

  2. craftyhands says:

    Linda it is just beautiful! I love the pearls in the flowers.

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