Ya Ya Ladybug

A big THANK YOU to the three very brave ladies who showed up on Saturday, May 9th to take my crochet flower class at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique (this was the first time I ever taught a crocheting class). Everyone was given the patterns for making a single crochet flower (beginner); a triple crochet flower (intermediate) and a leaf (advanced) . . . Karen and Christie learned to make at a single crochet flower (it had been quite some time since they last crocheted) and Barbara made not only a single crochet flower, she also made a triple crochet flower . . . WELL DONE LADIES!!! . . . here they are busy crocheting . . .

You ladies did a great job and keep on practicing . . . can’t wait to see all these beautiful flowers on a scrapbook layout!!!! Thank you again for being brave enough to take my class . . .

BY THE WAY . . . your eyes are not deceiving you . . . Barbara IS wearing 2 pairs of glasses (she is working with a smaller hook and thread don’t you know) . . .


  1. Cheryl M says:

    What concentration! There seems to be a lot of cleavage in these pictures. What type of class was this?

  2. Now Cheryl don’t you wish you had stopped by just to see exactly what type of crochet class this was . . . maybe they were crochetting flowers for a bikini top and not for scrapbooking projects . . . hmmmmmmmm . . . that may also explain the different size needles and thread they used (hehehe)

  3. deb.ikert says:

    Too funny Cheryl, I was going to make a cleavage comment as well, but I thought naaah… But, since you bring it up…I totally wanted to take your class Linda, but I don’t think I could have competed, er, I mean completed my flower.Looks like you girls had fun and I still would like to take a lesson!!

  4. Alex says:

    I am sooo bummed that I didn’t get to take this class – I hope you do it again!!! Fabulous pics too! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  5. Christie says:

    This class was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for teaching us how to make these beautiful crochet flowers!

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