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This has been a very low key, laid-back Memorial Weekend at my house this year . . . instead of the usual trying to crowd a week into a 3-day weekend with activities or visiting relatives . . . my hubby and I decided the take it easy and just hang around the house . . . so after all the house cleaning chores were done I found some time to do a little scrapbooking . . . I finally completed the second page of a 2-page layout I was doing regarding my mother-in-law . . . so here is “page 2” of the Emmens layout . . . this is a picture of the “daughters of the house” – Elizabeth (my mother-in-law) is the oldest. . . Hope (who died shortly after this picture was taken) is in the middle and Faith (the toddler) . . .

Here is the 2-page layout that is going in the “Emmens” section of an album . . . for those of you who saw an earlier blog of mine you will note that I made a couple of little changes to the 1st page layout . . . I added a strip of lace and replaced a crocheted flower/leaf with a butterfly . . .

I would like to share with you the following layouts that are of the various times during my mother-in-laws life . . . this first layout has her baby picture, high school graduation picture (she graduated when she was 16), her engagement picture and a picture of her 1 month before she passed away . . . the layout is from a class that I had taken from Tracy (she is the niece of Karen-the owner of PSB) right before she moved to Chicago . . .

The next layout is from a class that the very talented Christie taught at PSB and was the perfect layout for the baby picture of my mother-in-law . . . in preparing these layouts for her memorial service I ran across a copy of her birth certificate (which I shrank down and placed behind the fame) and a loose page that had snippets of her hair . . . soooooo of course I had to included it . . .

This next layout (Karen helped me with this one) showcases my mother-in-law’s extraordinary talent . . . she was a “concert violinist” . . . she started playing at the age of 6 and continued through her freshman year of college . . . when she graduated from high school she had been offered a scholarship to attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, however because she was only 17 her father said “no” . . . while at college (her father did let her go as long as she could still live at home) her professor submit her name to “Julliard” and again she was offered a full scholarship and again her father said “no” at which point she put away her violin and never played again . . .

The next layout is from a class that Karen taught (she is the talented owner of PSB) . . . its shows the next stage in my mother-in-law’s life . . . marriage and family (my hubby is in the lower right hand picture with his mother & older brother) . . .

So now you know a little of the history behind this very special woman . . . I want to give a big THANK YOU to Karen, Christie and Tracy for teaching classes that gave me the perfect layouts in which to honor my mother-in-law and my friend ELIZABETH ELLEN EMMENS BATES.


  1. Alex says:

    WOW!! Linda, these are all amazing!!! What a beautiful post!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. Christie says:

    Linda, You have created an amazing album to honor your mother-in-law. The photos and stories behind them are so precious.Thank you for including the page layout from my class, I feel so honored that you would use it.

  3. craftyhands says:

    Linda, you did a beautiful job! Christie, she is just kissing up!

  4. craftyhands says:

    Linda, you did a beautiful job! Christie, she is just kissing up!

  5. craftyhands says:

    Ok, That’s what I getting for smarting off! I don’t know what I did to publish my comment twice 🙂

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