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The people over at the MY CREATIVE SCRAPBOOK site have been having a very unusual give-away . . .they are allowing you to scraplift any of the design teams’ layout and enter a contest to win oodles upon oodles of Prima flowers . . . wellllllll . . . I cannot pass up an opportunity like that so after looking at all the wonderful designers pages, cards & mini-albums I finally decided to “lift” Robbie Herrring’s May 2009 Main Kit design . . .

I was originally going to copy this layout only instead of a picture I was going to insert my mother-in-law’s names (Elizabeth Ellen Emmens Bates) and use it as the title page for her section of the scrapbook I am creating about my hubby’s family . . . welllllllll . . . I had one of those late, late, really late night change of hearts (about 1:30 in the morning) . . . Robbie’s layout just cried out for a vintage picture . . . soooooooooo . . . I remembered this picture that I wanted to do of me (okay I’m not vintage yet – but pretty close to it according to social security) . . . so here is the layout that I am submitting . . . it is of me at the age of two . . . I was not a very happy camper was I . . .
It’s not an exact “lift” of Robbie’s layout but is pretty darn close . . . I did try some new things with this layout . . . one of which as the picture is black & white (told you I was nearing vintage) . . . I used Tim Holtz’s “Alcohol Ink” and painted a very pale pink stain on the little romper I am wearing (I know the romper is pink because it is packed away in my hopeless chest) . . . and as I had the paint brush out I decided to paint glitter glue on some of the flowers . . . loved both techniques and I know that I will be using them again . . . well that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by . . . have a great day!!!!
P.S. . . one more thing . . . as I love to work in 2-page layouts . . . I will shortly be doing the companion page . . . I think I will did up pictures of my daughter and granddaughter crying also just to see if there really is a family resemblinish . . . tata . . .


  1. This is just cute as can be!! You did such an amazing job on the challenge!! I ‘lifted’ the photo of your l/o from your blog and posted it for you in the challenge thread 🙂 ……thanks for playing!!~Gabrielle xx

  2. Christie says:

    Wow Linda! It turned out so cute! I'm glad that you decided to put your photo on the layout instead. It's such a fantastic photo. You were so cute (even though your crying). PS-Why do you call it your "Hopeless" chest?

  3. Alex says:

    Totally cute Linda – WOW!! I love the way this turned out!! And, that photo is amazing!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  4. Robbie says:

    I just love that picture!! What a great idea to tint the little romper! I’m going to have to try that! I love your version of the page! Precious! I’m always so excited when people think enough of my pages to lif them! Thanks for playing in the challenge at MCS!! ~Robbie

  5. craftyhands says:

    You did a beautiful job! Cute pictures of you.

  6. Becky says:

    Dear Future Mother in Law (I hope your son doesn't read this, because that would just be embarrassing) your scrapbook page is so cute!! Fun blog!

  7. deb.ikert says:

    Linda – I love your lifted layout – it turned out great! I also love the picture of you on that cool old car (believe me, there are plenty of pictures of me with cars the same age!). Nice techniques tinting your romper and adding glitter glue on the flowers – can't wait to see the page with your daughter and granddaughter's pictures!

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