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.Today AUTUMN officially begins . . . can you believe it?. . . I know I can’t! . . . seems like just yesterday it was the beginning of summer . . . I guess when you are very very very busy and having a great time everything moves pretty fast (or maybe its when you turn 60 that you notice how time is speeding by) . . . this summer was an extremely busy. . .

I just realized today that I have not posted to this blog since the beginning of August . . . sooooooooooo I have decided it’s time to “turn over a new leaf” and post more often . . . I will try to catch y’all up to what I have been doing with the rest of my summer over the next few blogs (I won’t bore you by putting everthing in one blog – I have got to get some sleep sometime ya know) . . .

To begin with I would like to share another layout that I did of my cruise to Alaska this summer . . . at 10:30 at night – on the second to last night of the cruise – the ship hosted a “DESSERT EXTRAVAGANZA” . . . I have never seen so many incredible desserts in one place at one time . . . and you could eat to your hearts content (I now know why people who have been on cruises told me to have at least one pair of pants with an elastic waist) . . .

Before my hubby & I went on the cruise I had taken a scrapbook class entitled “Sweet Chocolate Indulgence” which was taught by Christie Bryant at the Paradise Scrapbook Boutique . . . I loved Christie’s layout but at the time I didn’t know what pictures I would be placing on it (thought I was going to have to bake something – heaven forbid) . . . well needless to say I found the perfect pictures for the layout – or at least I think so – what do you think?????

Hopefully you were able to click on the above pictures to get a better look at the layout . . . and I have to tell you my layout does not look exactly like the one Christie did for the class (I even had her original pages in front of me) . . . I have a few boo boos that needed to be covered up . . . which gave me the perfect opportunity to make a brown paper cabbage rose (see the My Creative Scrapbook blog for instructions) . . . I do have to tell you that one of the desserts just made me laugh out load . . . its the picture below of mice eating cheesecake . . .
Bet you laughed didn’t ya (hehehe) . . . well it’s time to sign off and go to bed (oh how I wish I could retire and play all day) . . . soooooooo . . . thanks for stopping by and until next time . . . HUGS!!!

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  1. So sweet Linda! I'm glad you got good use out of that layout. I was drooling all over my keyboard when I saw the amazing deserts you had featured on the layout! I can see why cruisers need elastic pants! ;-)I can't wait to see you in October!

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