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Okay well it’s NOT officially fall yet . . . had another look at the calendar and autumn officially begins Tuesday, September 22 . . . hopefully I am putting all the correct dates on all the papers I am filing with the court . . . anyhooooooooooooooooo . . .

Going back to “blast from the past” of what I have been during this summer . . . my husband and I spent the weekend of August 22nd down in the bay area . . . San Jose/Cupertino . . . to be exact celebrating our oldest child’s birthday . . . can’t believe that my little baby boy is 37 . . . . jeezzzzzzzzz . . . I don’t know when he got older – I am still 24 (hehehe) . . . here is a layout I did a few months back (okay almost a year ago) . . . our son was 4 years old and we were on summer vacation when we stopped in this really cute restored western town, Winthrop, Washington . . . Jerry was so serious that day (a few hours later he came down with a very bad cold and we headed home to Eureka, CA) . . .

Speaking of this layout . . . it is not an original of mine . . . when I saw the papers I knew exactly what photo I wanted to feature and somewhere in my brain I remembered a layout I had seen that was perfect-it used these papers and had hand & machine sewing on it (two things that I love trying to put on some of my layouts) . . . if anyone out there in blogland knows who the original designer was . . . please please please let me know because I want to thank them and acknowledge their beautiful design . . .

Now back to that weekend in the bay area . . . we told our son that we would do whatever he wanted . . . so on Saturday we ended up at the Western States car show in Pleasanton, CA (got to love the bay area – everything is only 30 minutes away at the most via freeways) . . . 5 hours at a hot – very loud event . . . then it was back to San Jose and off to dinner at his favorite restaurant and a movie . . . “The Hangover” (very very very funny movie) . . . on Sunday we headed over to Campbell and stopped in at the “Psycho Donuts” shop for a mid morning snack (yes that really is the name of the donut shop – they have found a fun way to get you to eat donuts – I plan on doing a layout later about this unique shop) . . . after that we went to the Campbell farmers market . . . from there hubby & son went for coffee while I went and did a little shopping at the scrapbook store in Cupertino . . . hubby and I finally headed for home about 5 pm (another 4 hour drive) . . . it was a very busy weekend . . . but well worth it . . . BTW . . . here is a more current picture of the birthday boy . . .

P.S. . . this was not at the Pleasanton car show . . . this photo was taken at the Concours d’Elegance Gala here in Chico . . .

Well that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by and until next time . . . hugs . .

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  1. Your husband and son are handsome! I love that shot of them!Sounds like you all had a blast in the Bay Area. I love the little layout you did…super cute!See you in a couple of weeks! YAY!

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