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Do you believe in magic??? I DO!!!!! . . . I DO!!!!!

Back on November 21st I was fortunate in being able to attend the holiday gift workshop at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique where a number of beautiful kits were created by four extremely talented women . . . I have been dying to share the treasures with you that I was able to make but in keeping with the holiday spirit I decided to wait until December 1st . . . welllllllll it’s almost December 1st and I just can’t wait any longer (I also don’t think that I will be able to stay awake much longer) . . .

The first treasure I want to share with you is this beautiful vintage antique bottle . . . the creator of this kit was Deb (sister to the owner of PSB) and she shared with us (from her personal collection) a number of ribbons, glitters, vintage do-da’s, sayings and different sized old bottles for us to create are own little treasures . . . it was MAGIC! . . . you can see more of Deb’s vintage antique bottle creations at the PSB website and find out who inspired her . . .

Thank you so much Deb for sharing all your “MAGIC” with us . . . it was great seeing you again and I can’t wait for your next trip up to “Paradise” . . .

In the next few days I will be sharing more “treasures” that I have been able to create from this workshop . . . in the meantime thanks for stopping by . . .

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  1. Oooo…so, so pretty!

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