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I want to share another project that I was able to complete at the Paradise Scrapbook Boutique “Holiday Workshop” back in November . . . this JOY banner kit was created by the most talented Christie . . .

Christie was not able to attend the workshop as she lives in Idaho . . . and even though she is very very very busy helping to prepare her sister’s upcoming wedding (December 5th) and getting her design projects out for Graphic 45 (she’s a member of the Graphic 45 design team) . . . Christie still found time to create a number of really cute kits, of which this banner was one of . . .

I do have to say one thing . . . no matter how hard I try to copy the original item exactly something always happens along the way and I end up making little personal changes to the design (sounds so much better than “mistake”) . . . in this case I thought that I would add just a touch of glitter glue around the edge of each letter and they looked really cute and I was very careful on getting each letter to my car without smudging the wet glitter . . . what I didn’t count on while driving home was the car in front of me coming to a sudden stop to make a left turn and when I slammed on the brakes my purse fell on the letters . . . sooooooooo when I got home I covered each letter glitter glue . . . I also didn’t punch the holes correctly (there is only suppose to be 1 hole on each side of the circle cut out) . . . soooooooooo each of my circles has holes going completely around them . . . even with all these “personal changes” the banner is turned out cute . . . it is hanging in my smaller office at work and everyone who sees it, wants it . . . so again thank you Christie for sharing your wonderful talent with us . . . BTW . . . the paper that Christie chose to use is from BoBunny’s St. Nick paper line . . .

Well that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by . . .

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  1. Wowzer! Thanks for the wonderful compliments sweet friend!I'm so glad that you liked the little mini garland! The wedding is finished. I now have a married sister. She was so, so beautiful!

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