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Well I must have been a very good girl this past year because Santa was awfully nice to me at Christmas. Among other things he brought me a couple of new toys . . . I have a new computer – an “IMac” and a wide printer – an “Epson 1400″ . . . YAHOO!!!!!

I took pictures of my new toys to share on this blog but I can’t figure out how to get the photos here . . . you see I have used most of my life a PC (okay only the last 20 years more or less) and I could move around on its programs/applications pretty good but this MAC thing is very new and very different to me . . . . guess I am going to have to go to the bookstore and get a book for dummy’s . . . oh bother!!!!!
So thanks for stopping by . . . will be posting pictures of projects I have complete soon (I hope) . . .

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