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Here are the pictures of the new toys I got from Santa this year . . . I still do not know why the pictures would not download into my last blog . . . I did nothing different than before except that it is not 3:00 in the morning . . . so maybe my brain is working a little better . . .

Anyhooooooooo . . . decided not to go with a laptop (that’s what my last computer was) and went with a Mac instead of a PC (supposedly can do both on this computer thanks to the Parallels program). . .
And had to have a new printer to go with the computer . . .
I am expecting one more new toy . . . should be delivered in the next couple of weeks . . . an Epson v600 scanner . . . will post pic of it when it arrives . . .
I suppose that great creations will now be expected of me . . . just not right now . . . going to call it an early night . . . sooooooooo thanks for stopping by . . . hugs and kisses!!!!!

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  1. Holy Moly! You're going to LOVE it! I heart my Mac. Cheryl got one too! Yipee! Enjoy!

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