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Do you ever have a beloved photo that you are waiting for just the right paper/layout to inspire you . . . well I was and it took three years but boy when I saw a layout created by Irene Tan (aka Scapperlicious) for “The Crop Spot” I knew that what she had created would be perfect for a photo I had of my beloved “boys” (my dear husband and son) . . . even the name of the paper collection was perfect – Irene had used Graphic 45’s “A Proper Gentleman” collection!

As you can see by the picture below the wait was well worth it . . .

What made this particular Graphic 45 paper collection perfect is that my “boys” love to go to car shows and I was able to procure tickets for Chico’s 2007 Concours d’Elegance (where vintage cars are on view) . . . we attended Saturday night’s preview show and dinner/dance . . .

Well that’s all for tonight . . . thanks for stopping by . . . I will be posting some Holloween creations that I have done over the past week soon . . . HUGS & KISSES!

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  1. Beautiful layout Linda! And your boys and definitely proper gentlemen!

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