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Hi . . . in my last post I said how I had amended my New Year’s resolution from “not starting a new project until I finished the current one” to “for every new project I complete I will blindly reach into my unfinished project cabinet, pull out one of the incomplete projects and finish it before I move onto my next new project” . . . well yesterday I did just that and here is the 2-page layout I finished . . .

This was a kit I purchased back in 2008 (only know this because of the copyright date on the Teresa Collins paper) from MMK scrapbook store in Chico that is no longer a physical store (Michelle, the owner, now has an on-line store) . . . I was also lucky in that the instructions, bits & pieces and a colored picture were all there so it was easy to complete (YAY) . . . the line of paper that was used was Teresa Collins “Travelogue” and I remember at the time of purchase that I thought this would be a perfect layout for putting pictures of our Disneyland trip with our granddaughter . . . as you can see there are no pictures as we have not taken our granddaughter to Disneyland yet . . . but I am now ready with this layout when we do (hehehe). . . . . . Well, that’s all for now . . . thanks for stopping by and until next time . . . Hugs & Kisses – LindaB


  1. Sharon Y says:

    Yay! Great job on completing that. I really like the layout and the paper. See you on Saturday at PSB!

  2. Thank you Sharon – one down and a lot more to go (never counted how many are not completed-HAHAHA!) . . can't wait to see what you wonderful creation you have been working on . . .

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