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Hi Everyone . . . back on February 3rd I posted a picture of this container that I made for a friend, but I wouldn’t tell what was wrapped in the green tissue paper . . . Well the time has come for the big reveal . . . Hmmmmmmmm, still can’t figure out what it is . . . here’s some more hints (and you should get it this time) . . . . . . TADA . . . it’s a SEAT BELT SNUGGLE and it is being modeled by the lovely birthday girl herself, Diana Higgins!!! I know you are saying to yourself “what the heck” but we short people have a terrible time with seat belts rubbing against our necks and these little cozies are an answer to our prayers . . . they also keep that side of the neck warm (hahaha). I found the free pattern for this little jewel back in 2006 on the internet (tried to link it to this post but apparently the site no longer exists). . . so now I am off the take pictures of some valentine lollies I made . . . Thanks for stopping by and until next time . . . Hugs & Kisses . . . LindaB


  1. Sharon Y says:

    Hey, first off Happy Birthday Diana! This thing is really cool. You are such a multi talented lady. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Christie says:

    SO sweet! Lucky girl!

  3. Thank you Christie . . .

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