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Good Morning . . . I want to wish everyone a JOYOUS & HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and I want to share with you today some valentine “lollies” I made. Last Saturday I spent a wonderful day at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique’s annual Valentine crop . . . you know where you visit a lot, eat way too much food and get some scrapping in (very little scrapping on my part as I am busy visiting – LOL) . . . at each assigned seat was this little stack of goodies waiting for us. Well, the wooden thread spool and wooden dowel in the packet of goodies just screamed “LOLLIE” (as well as the store sample) . . . sooooooooooo I made one. Which lead into my making two more at home! Here are what the individual lollies look like. Don’t know what I am going to do with them as my dear hubby points out they do not exactly go in with my home decor, but I do soooooooo enjoy making them . . . I am already thinking of ones to make for St. Paddy’s Day (hahaha). Sooooooo, that’s all for today . . . thanks for stopping by and until next time . . . Hugs & Kisses – LindaB


  1. Christie says:

    These are GORGEOUS!!!! If they don't go with your home decor you can always send them my way…just sayin'. XOXOXOXO

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