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During the month of March I received two gifts from some very special people in my life. . . the first gift  was from my very multi talented friend, Diana Higgins (I did an earlier posting about her being published  in Somerset Life). . . she gifted me with this beautiful black scarf which she hand knitted . . . 
I am afraid that this picture does not show the beautiful twisting ruffle of this scarf nor all of the black crystals that Diana sewed at each end of the scarf . . . I don’t know how she knew that the weather was going to change from  an extremely warm spring to a windy, rainy, cold spring but her timing was perfect . . . thank you again Diana for this wonderful gift-YOU ROCK!!! . . . 
The other person who gifted me was my son, Jerry . . . he gave me this . . . 
That’s right, he gave me his Apple lap top!  Actually he got a new one and asked if I wanted his old one (this old one is only 2-1/2 years old – LOL) . . . his timing on this gift was perfect as we got a recall letter from Apple regarding the hard drive on our big MAC and had to take it in to get a new hard drive (at Apple’s expense) . . . this is when my hubby and I found out that we cannot function without a computer — so thank you Son!!!
I feel blessed to not only have a wonderful family but to also have very loving and caring friends.  Well, that’s all for tonight . . . thanks for stopping by and until next time . . .
Hugs & Kisses – LindaB

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  1. Christie says:

    WOW! You lucky girl! XOXO

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